I know who you are, my dad sent me a weirdly cryptic message. What is he doing?

–Silvester to Aubrey, in The Secret Civilisation

Silvester Ashwood is a Hybrid Ascendant introduced in The Secret Civilisation. He is the mortal son of Mrs Ashwood and Dexter, the Immortal Representative of Mischief and Fear. According to Malcolm Braden, there is a place for "kids like Silvester", hinting that after he was saved by Aubrey and Malcolm, he was sent back to that place by Dexter himself.

As a Child of Dexter, he has some Ascendant abilities, but as he is also half-Human, Silvester, much like the rest of his kind, can be quite dangerous.


Not much is known about Silvester's background. He was born in 1997 to Mrs Ashwood and Dexter, the Immortal Representative of Mischief and Fear. He follows Persian mythological beliefs, and must be pretty knowledgeable. He speaks with an English accent, hinting that he most likely comes from an English background.

The Ascendants

The Secret Civilisation

Silvester is first mentioned by his father, Dexter, who informs Aubrey Clementine and Malcolm Braden that he was taken by bull-mutants. They agree to save him, only for the vehicle that Dexter promises.

When they get there, Aubrey notes that he looks disheveled, hinting that he was most likely beaten by the Mutants, although this was never confirmed. He is appreciative towards Aubrey, even blushing at the sight of her, however Malcolm acts hostile towards him, mostly for his own personal opinion on Hybrids. However, when he witnesses Aubrey electrocuting the bull-mutants, he becomes fearful towards her.

He is later taken back to his home by his father, who was more interested in seeing Aubrey than his son. It is unknown what effect this had on him.


Silvester seems approachable and polite. Not much is known about his personality.



His relationship with his father is most likely a strained one, but Dexter still shows his son some appreciation. He informed Silvester that he was sending help through the emotional link they share.

His relationship with his mother is unknown.



Silvester was very nice to Aubrey when they first met, but became fearful towards her when he sees her electrifying the mutants unintentionally.

Malcolm was very hostile towards Silvester, Silvester was even close to calling him out for calling him a "kid" which he found offensive.


The name Silvester is of a Roman form, meaning "of the forest". The surname Ashwood is derived from those who used to live in England, who lived near ash wood.


  • Knight has confirmed that Silvester will make an appearance in the next book, and will be of more importance to the plotline as it continues to grow.
  • Silvester speaks with an English accent.
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