For the species, see Ascendants.

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The Ascendants is the first series written by Hannah-Meg Knight. The series focuses on fiction mythology, mainly Persian mythology.

Every book follows Aubrey Clementine's adventures, written in her third-person perspective. Each book normally focuses on Aubrey tracking down certain people, or objects, alongside with learning about different Ascendants from the past. The first follows the story of the Woman in White and the whole mystery behind who and what she is.



  • As of yet, the author has revealed that there will be three novels in the series, but there could be more in the series.

The Ascendants series
Core Series: The Secret Civilisation | The Elven Stone | Book 3 | Book 4
Main Characters: Aubrey Clementine | Malcolm Braden | Sharon Albian | Kane Albian | Kelly-Ann Braden | Damien Braden
Firstborns: Nyronious | Killeen | Hannelore | Warlorn | Electra | Riron | Amira | Genevieve
Immortals: Doctor Byron | Dexter | Woman in White
Other characters: Laurel | Freya | Silvester Ashwood
Locations: Birdington, Washington D.C | Brooklyn, New York | Nevada | Dubai | Castle of Ascendants