TSC book cover
The Secret Civilisation
Author Hannah-Meg Knight
Cover Artist Hannah-Meg Knight
Publication Information
Release Date November 21, 2015
Preceded by
Followed by Book 2

The Secret Civilisation, written by Hannah-Meg Knight, is the first book in The Ascendants series.

This book tells the story of the main character, Aubrey Clementine, as she is introduced to the world of Persian mythology and must adjust to the idea of battling creatures and being a part of something bigger than she is.


Meet Aubrey Clementine - Orphan and Ascendant, a fierce warrior who is determined to show everyone she has what it takes to live up to her namesake. After encountering a creature known as a Zoulbat, Aubrey is whisked into the world of Ascendants - with the help from her birth parents, Sharon and Kane.

Through her first meeting with the Council of the Firstborns, she and her destined warrior friend, Malcolm Braden must track down the elusive Doctor Byron and figure out what he really has planned and who he's working for.

Chapter list

  • Prologue
  • 1 - Trouble
  • 2 - The Precious Hotel and Restaurant
  • 3 - Salt Resistant Creepy Crawler
  • 4 - Journey to Washington D.C
  • 5 - The Town of Birdington
  • 6 - A Whole New World
  • 7 - Knife Play
  • 8 - Electric Binds
  • 9 - Initiation of Warriors
  • 10 - Council of the Firstborns
  • 11 - The Abandonment Complex
  • 12 - Back to Reality
  • 13 - Where Home Would Have Been
  • 14 - Fire, Rage and War
  • 15 - The Awkward Conversation
  • 16 - Warlorn's Story
  • 17 - Three Times The Charm
  • 18 - Flying Bugs










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